Boldly going … and so on


Yesterday I mentioned about logging into Star Trek Online because my, at the time, first choice had a server hiccup.

Well, tonight I found myself longing to complete another tour of duty in my trusty ship. So again my plans of visiting Eorzea were ditched.

After last night’s success with the low-threat version of the Crystalline Entity (or rather Crystalline Catastrophe as it is called in game) I went in and took part in the Elite version.Things started badly as I was incapacitated early on by those pesky Tholians. Oh well. Back in I went a bit more careful. And pretty soon, it was reduced to rubble as well.

The Elite version does pack more of a punch and does have a few extra tricks, like little nebulae forming around the entity that impair vision and weapons lock. Still, not too difficult and quite fun so far.

About the special event: Each day players can earn one crystal shard for the first time they complete the Crytsalline Catastrophe Fleet Action. 14 of those shards can then be exchanged for various game currency and a unique Duty officer. I’m curious at what point completing the fleet action every day turns from being fun to being a grind. Fingers crossed that it happens after I have all 14 shards!

On a related note: That oversized Snowflake (in space!) seems to come back from the dead more often than Jack Harkness…


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