My little Chocobo


After two days of absence, I decided it was time to visit Eorzea once again. This time, my goal was simple: My very own Chocobo.

My first task was to choose which Grand Company to join. The choice was simple. Tree-Huggers? Nope! Squabbling Pirates? Nope! Mighty Warriors led by the fearsome Raubhan? Yes please!FF14_GC_3

Arriving at the Immortal Flames headquarters, what could have been a long-winded induction ceremony, was fortunately interrupted by yet another emergency. Phew. A prototype airship was shot down and the crew needed rescuing. I do wonder how the people of Eorzea survive when I am not around.FF14_GC_2

Anyway, after disposing of some pesky Garleans, The Immortal Flames had one more soldier in their ranks, and I could almost feel the reins of my new mode of transportation in my hands. But no, first I had to prove myself to the Company. As if I hadn’t saved Ul’dah several times already. But alas, those past deeds don’t seem to count for anything. So I went off grumbling to myself and headed to Drybone. A couple of tasks later I was able to acquire a Cocobo Issuance and gleefully made my way to the local Chocobokeep.FF14_Chocobo_1

I was told Chocobos don’t like cities. But i suspect, it’s the other way round. Can you imagine the amount of Chocobo droppings that would pile up?

So i ran outside and summoned my new mode of transportation. Forgotten were the misgivings towards the Immortal Flames and the menial tasks. The world does look better from the back of a big bird!FF14_Chocobo_3



4 thoughts on “My little Chocobo

  1. I picked Immortal Flames too! And forgot to take any screenshots of the process, hah. I think my favorite part of the chocobo is the music that plays while you’re mounted.

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