Highly Recommended?

On Sunday Massively asked “What MMO would you recommend to others?“, and Syp over at BioBreak has helpfully compiled a list of votes for different games. The Secret World won this totally non-representative poll handily.

That got me in the mood to play that game again. The last time I played was before their buy-to-play conversion. So with no strings attached I went to reinstall it.

One thing: Funcom, your patcher sucks!

The download speed was fluctuating wildly between my maximum bandwidth and a slow trickle. The estimated time of roundabout 1 hour seems to turn into more like 3 hours. It looks like the patching/downloading process is not well optimized for small files, as whenever the download rate went down, my hard drive went into a frenzy.

Or could it be my system? Nah, blaming someone else is way more fun!


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