Eating My Words (and a bee)


Typically, just as I had posted about my dissatisfaction with the Funcom Patcher, the speed picked up and I was done a couple of minutes later. It still took a lot longer than it should have, but not as long as I had feared.

So I eagerly logged in and decided to create a new character. This time around I chose to join the Illuminati, as I had joined the Templars on my last stint in The Secret World. Not really pumped about their faction outfits (gas masks? seriously?), but I have heard good things about the humor of the faction specific stuff there.

After swallowing the glowing bee in my sleep, wrecking my appartment and being “invited” to join a secret organization, I made my way to Manhattan and encountered a weird conspracy theorist.


My character pretty much had the same facial expression as myself, a mild confusion wondering what he might be talking about. Well, not to be discouraged, I followed some leads and finally found the (not so) secret Illuminati base in the sewers. Confidently striding in, I tripped an alarm and was shortly drugged and dragged off to a lab where this stereotypical crazy scientist guy pumps more drugs into me.

Anyway, a short combat and gameplay tutorial later, I am let go and free to explore the Secret World on my own. Well, with some “guidance” from the Illuminati of course.


1 thought on “Eating My Words (and a bee)

  1. The Illuminati is the only intro sequence I haven’t seen! My in-game name is Biezel in TSW, feel to add me and let me know if you need a tank once you start running dungeons!

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