Nothing to see, move along!


Too much work, too little time to play games the last couple days, so not much to report right now.

Just one thing: What really grabs me in The Secret World are the characters. The quest givers and associated NPCs are really memorable. It has been quite some time since I last played, but I still remember a lot of the people in that game world. The old lady with her shotgun, the mummy in a business suit, the french girl with a chainsaw, and so on. Part of that is obviously because they stand out, are unusual. But even the “normal” ones (I am using that term loosely here) are more interesting than some major plot characters in some other games I played.

That also extends to the story of the quests. In essence most of the missions boil down to “kill this” and “pickup that”, but the way the story is delivered makes them engaging. I find myself actually caring about the people I am helping.

And that’s all for now, folks!


2 thoughts on “Nothing to see, move along!

  1. Have you ever watched Twin Peak? TSW characters give me a similar vibe. A lot of them have pretty normal jobs or roles in the world, but they have little quirks of character and dialogue that really make them stand out.

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