Sometimes things do not go as planned

STO_Cryst_1The thing about online gaming is that you are dependent on, for instance, the servers being online. (“Thank You Captain Obvious…” I hear you say) And true to form, as I was sitting down for some Final Fantasy XIV, the server basically stuck out his tongue and shut down.

Since waiting for servers to be back up isn’t any fun at all, I needed an alternative. After some browsing of games, my decision was made and I logged onto Star Trek Online. Thankfully the patch was small and I was shortly flying my shiny ship through space.

I hadn’t realised that there was another event going on, as I hadn’t logged on for a couple of weeks and had not followed the game too closely lately. It is basically a rerun of the Crystalline Entity event from earlier this year, just with a different one-time reward. Still, there’s no time like the present to rid the galaxy of monstrous snowflakes, right?

To be on the safe side, I chose the lower difficulty for the Task Force, and the Entity was soon reduced to crystal dust. And then I actually forgot to grab my loot… Well yeah. I blame Tribbles or something.


So, yeah…. Hi!

Hmm, how to begin…

My name is Lyle. (No, not really, but let’s just pretend it is, ok?) I have been playing video games for what feels like an eternity. Starting with all kinds of games and later finding my love for Roleplaying Games and more specifically Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying Games.

For a long time I had a nagging feeling that i should write down some of the random stuff swirling around in my head. Not necessarily for other people to read, but mainly just for myself. I just never got around to actually taking that step.

Now after reading about the Newbie Blogger Initiative I decided to finally throw myself (and my thoughts) out there. So here goes…